Our real estate development teams are there to help you analyze your project, acquire your land, and draw up the initial plans you need to apply for official permits from local and cantonal authorities.

The assessed property value is crucial to your project’s success, so our teams will perform detailed assessments and provide urban planning solutions that will boost the value of your land.

We also need to identify the site’s initial constraints and take them into account so that resources can be allocated to your project as effectively as possible. Our expert developers can suggest the right specialized subcontractors that fit the specifics of your project and meet current regulations. Our expert developers can suggest the right specialized subcontractors that fit the specifics of your project and meet current regulations.

As local regulations change constantly, we can provide guidance on what exactly you need to do.


Whether you have already bought land or your project is still in the pipeline, we can get involved at any step of the process, oversee your project, and come up with an action plan to let you know if you are on the right track.

Depending on how far along you are in the process, we can set up multidisciplinary subcontractor teams and organize all the essential calls for bids, especially those involving architects. We can bring the best solutions to bring your project to life, be it a standard development process, an architecture competition, a study commission, or even a design competition, depending on your timeline, budget, and the scale of your ambitions. We then draw on our conclusions from these previous steps to apply for a preliminary building permit so you get the green light from the authorities.

With our experience in Urban Planning across Switzerland, particularly the French-speaking region, we are sure to get you the formal approval you need from the competent authorities.


We will work with our Construction department to have the first architectural concept sketches drawn up, so we can apply for the right building permits based on current regulations and your project specifics. We will carry out all the studies required and defend your interests before the authorities.

During this critical step, we will issue calls for bids from construction and engineering firms, and suggest ways to organize your project: either via a general contractor, separate contractors, or a hybrid system.
The developers and construction project managers will work together on SIA phases 32, 41, and 52 to set a budget based on the financial plan, while considering the latest fluctuations in construction market prices.

Having taken care of this upstream, we make sure that everything is in place to break ground on your project.


Urban Project’s Construction department represents the project owner and provides guidance for them throughout the construction process. It steers, supervises, coordinates, and gets the work done based on the contracting style you choose (general contractor, works management, or even a general contractor supervised by Urban Project). Once the specifications have been defined, calls for company bids are issued based on the contractual relationship you choose.

To ensure our exacting quality standards are met, we check every item of material and equipment used on-site, in line with the project owner’s wishes. Furthermore, we also enjoy exploring new areas and material qualities, all while keeping a strict handle on our projects by controlling costs and sticking to budgets.

We make sure that everyone involved works closely together to optimize the planning, construction, coordination with government departments, and monitoring of your construction work as it progresses.

Once your construction is complete, we verify the list of completed projects, giving the project owner peace of mind that the work has been done properly.


Urban Project has been training top-quality “receivers” since the very beginning, and our dedicated handover teams have developed their own efficient tools. This means projects can be handed over with complete peace of mind, thanks to our quantitative follow-up procedures, however complex or elaborate the project may be. When you work with us, project handover will be a stress-free experience.

We take care of everything so there are no nasty surprises. Our SIA expert teams thoroughly examine any imperfections and other construction flaws and sometimes step in up to two years after handover, as part of standard construction warranties.


At Urban Project, our tenant managers coordinate and advise on the interior and exterior design for your spaces, all the permits required, and all types of construction work for your retail spaces.

Our personalized support allows us to develop complete layout strategies together, right up to when the premises are handed over to their buyers.