Mandataire à l’honneur : Diego Varan/ Render

09 juillet 2019

Mandataire à l’honneur : Diego Varan/ Render

Urban Project is pleased to introduce you a representative with whom we have the pleasure to work. We salute the high quality of its work!

Make way for the agency Diego Varan / Render

DVR is an architectural visualization studio based in Turin, Italy.

Although my passion for this work began in 1991, when my father gave me my first computer, it was only when I moved to Italy from Argentina in 2003 that I started working as a freelancer.
At that time the rendering market in Italy was just beginning to grow, so I found an almost virgin marketplace with very few competitors.

At first, the Internet and e-mails were not so common, therefore my clients were only in Turin. But as communications and technology advanced, boundaries disappeared. So I started to serve clients from Milan and the rest of the country. Later I made a jump to Ticino and that is where I started growing fast.

Nowadays DVR is a real company, made up of more than 10 internal and external collaborators, which has contributed to the realization of small and large projects all over the world.

Possibilities of rendering technique are very broad. It is adopted in different activities. But I have always thought that it is best to do one thing well, than a lot of activities wrongly. For this reason I only specialized in architectural visualization, that is also my passion.

Real estate companies, architects and interior designers are the regular clients who we work with every day, in an attempt to help them in passing on their ideas to their customers. Our work is not only an executive one, but we also try to contribute our ideas to our customers. We support our clients in the creative process with the objective of making our final product excellent for selling both a project and architectural spaces.

What are the flagship projects?

Just to mention some of our present activities, we are supporting architect Gianluca Ferrarini in the project of Hilti offices in Paris.

We are also cooperating with architect Cristiano Ferme and the developers on the project of the « Ideal City » in Israel.

We are working also for the company Hugues Chevalier on developing catalog images for their new collection of products

and Toffel Immobilier for their project Portes de Bulle.

In recent years our Virtual Tour service has been particularly successful among our customers, because it enables people to understand their project with an immersive experience, which only virtual reality can provide. In this regard, we are creating a virtual showroom for the Magenta company. It will allow the user to have an immersive experience and to virtually configure their apartment by changing finishes and objects.

The encounter with Urban Project

I got in touch with Urban Project thanks to architect Christian Rivola, one of the designers of Jardins de la Pala, when we created the first images of Arsenal de Bulle. On that occasion, Xavier Jeanneret appreciated our way of working and the quality of our images and believed in us. Little by little, he gave us the enormous chance to participate in the realization of images for other projects. It was then that my company started to grow from 2 people to what DVR is today.

The experience with Urban Project opened us the doors to French Switzerland, because not only the studios that work closely with it but also other professionals started to trust us.

Contrary to other clients, who we work with occasionally, there hasn’t been a single day when we haven’t worked with Urban Project, since we first met. The thing that strikes me the most about our working relationship is the cordiality and love with which we are welcomed every time a new project starts.

In the different stages of the work, even in moments that never lack in any company, such as stressful periods, under pressure of deadlines, when the project changes, etc., we always found the way to reach the best result, without forgetting, that in the end, we are one group that pursues the same objectives.

We are very proud of our collaboration with Urban Project, which has allowed us to take part in large-scale and prestigious projects.

Each project that we are entrusted with, represents a new challenge and a chance to experiment and create something new with different techniques and technologies. Any project involves a different approach both with the client and with the work to be developed.

At this moment we are working closely with Urban Project SA, their architects and marketing experts, so as to carry out large projects, such as Quartier de l’Etang and Small City.

At the moment, we are also working on another great real estate project, but we cannot reveal too much yet, because it is still in the planning stage. However, as soon as possible, we would be glad to show the final results on our website and on the social media.

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